Additional WorkshopsBehaviorInSchools - Professional Development

BehaviorInSchools offers a full range of training and coaching to help school personnel learn evidenced-based strategies to improve student behavior, structure all school settings for success, and enhance student motivation.

BehaviorInSchools will tailor these trainings to fit your specific school setting.

Choose from:

  • One day:  increase awareness of effective behavioral practices and/or provide a refresher presentation for your staff.
  • Summertime: save your district the cost of substitute teachers.
  • Early-release days—BehaviorInSchools can observe classroom procedures in the morning and work with staff in the afternoon throughout the year.
  • Training for building, district-level coaches and supervisors:  BehaviorInSchools can train your staff to observe and coach teachers in the application of effective classroom management strategies.

Behavior In Schools offers professional development workshops and consultation on many topics. Pick from the following list or call 216.233.6588 (email to discuss staff development tailored for your staff.

Workshop Titles