Classroom Behavior ManagementClassroom Behavior Management

K-12 Evidenced Based Practices in Classroom Behavior Management

enhances the classroom teachers' skills is establishing a safe
and orderly environment through effective implementation
of evidenced-based strategies.   These practices
use data to make informed decisions that ultimately promote positive behavior, academic achievement and a positive and enriching classroom environment. 

Classroom Professional Development Trainings Include:

Evidenced Based Practices in K-12 Classroom Behavior Management

Classroom behavior management involves techniques and strategies effective teachers routinely implement that produce high levels of student engagement, minimal amounts of student disruption and efficient use of instructional time.  Implementing evidenced-based practices will:

  • Improve classroom behavior and reduce misbehavior
  • Create effective and efficient student and teacher routines and procedures
  • Establish clear classroom behavioral expectations
  • Motivate the unmotivated 
  • Increase academic engagement time and time on task
  • Promote disciplining students less and teaching more

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Classroom Behavior Management for the Para Professional

Para professionals and teacher aides are vital to the success of the classroom management process.  Providing Para professionals with the fundamentals of behavior management knowledge and techniques will support and assist classroom teachers within your school or district to better serve your students.   Create and establish positive and effective working relationships between Para professionals and their classroom teachers.

Recommended Resource:  Para Pro:  Supporting the Instructional Process.  Sprick, R.S., Garrison, M., & Howard, L.  (2000). Eugene, OR: Pacific Northwest Publishing

Coaching Classroom Behavior Management

Designed for administrators, literacy coaches, school psychologists, staff developers, behavior specialists, and instructional coaches who work directly with teachers to improve classroom behavior management and student behavior, this training will support teachers to spend less time dealing with disruptions and more time engaged in actual teaching!  Work with teachers to implement proactive, positive, and instructional approaches that are effective and will ultimately increase the skill level and retention of your teaching staff.
Recommended Resource:  Coaching Classroom Management: Strategies and Tools for Administrators and Coaches.   Sprick, R.S., Knight, J., Reinke, W., & McKale, T. (2010) Eugene, OR: Pacific Northwest Publishing