Individual Student BehaviorIndividual Student Behavior

Disrespectful, Challenging and Disruptive Student Behavior

can cause loss of academic instructional time as well as contribute to future social/emotional development of students. Educators learn how to use a function-based approach to critically look at students to develop replacement behaviors, reinforcement systems and evidenced-based interventions to address non-compliant and disruptive behavior.   

Individual Student Professional Development Trainings Include:

Behavioral Interventions

Working with a Tough Kid or disruptive student is one of the most frustrating challenges administrators and teachers deal with throughout their career.  These students are often viewed or labeled as a “trouble maker”, “difficult”, “bully” or “needing special education”.  This training will provided the knowledge, strategies and skills that your staff need to work with students who are chronically disrespectful, non compliant and disruptive.  Outcomes include:

  • Using a function based approach to assessing the needs of the challenging student
  • Creating an individualized Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP)
  • Implementing evidence-based behavior management interventions for students with targeted and intensive needs

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