Professional DevelopmentBehaviorInSchools - Professional Development

BehaviorInSchools offers a
variety of staff development opportunities

to address what a school needs to be successful
when educating today's students.  Customizing professional development to address your school's needs is our main focus.

BehaviorInSchools professional development supports three
major areas: School-Wide Strategies and Supports, Classroom Behavior Management and Individual Student Behavior.

Professional development sessions are delivered in a non-threatening manner using a variety of teaching techniques and methods.  Specific components include:

  • Self assessment of current school-wide and classroom strategies
  • Using current school data and/or developing systems to gather important data for decision making
  • Providing educators with current evidenced based strategies, interventions and resources
  • Skill and strategy development
  • Follow up support and consultation
  • On site technical assistance

Behavior In School Beliefs

  • Students and staff need to work together in a safe and caring environment
  • Behavioral intervention and academic intervention are equally important
  • Prevention is the key in establishing productive learning environments
  • Educators need the tools and strategies that are most effective and provide the biggest impact