Time to Teach

About UsBehaviorInSchools.com Presents Time To Teach ™ Classroom Behavior Management Workshops

The Problem

The most unchallenged assumption in school settings today is that kids come to school ready and willing to learn.  Generations of kids are coming to school un-socialized and without direction.

The Solution

Time to Teach is evidence based, data driven classroom management model, which uses practical, proven and powerful strategies addressing classroom discipline from kindergarten through twelfth grade. Time To Teach uses evidenced based and highly successful classroom management strategies that tens of thousands of teachers are using for over four decades. 

Time to Teach provides teachers with the tools to manage all types of problem behaviors starting at the lowest level, thus reducing professional burnout and work-related stress. The Time To Teach strategies improve teacher student relationships and build teacher's confidence in their ability to teach effectively in an optimal learning environment. Most importantly, when implemented school-wide, this program dramatically increases instructional time usually wasted managing discipline problems.

With current school conditions as challenging as they are, many districts are eagerly adding meaningful school improvement strategies to improve safety, school climate and test scoresTime to Teach compliments other school improvement frameworks, such as Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports (PBIS), Response to Intervention (RtI) and Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS).  Time to Teach strategies lay the groundwork and set the stage while educators implement the Common Core Curriculum

This research-based approach to classroom management is truly phenomenal! Schools, districts, and teachers that undergo Time To Teach nationally acclaimed training routinely report a surge in: teacher job satisfaction; student on-task time; test scores; parent and community involvement and support.